• Windows 7 автоматическое перезагрузка каждые 2 часа

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    С марта 2010 года, Windows RC будет напоминать вам о коммерческой копии ОС, что должна быть приобретена и впредь пользоваться преимуществами Windows 7.

    Вы можете понять, Microsoft желает напомнить пользователям, что им нужно купить Windows 7, но этот метод, который они решили использовать будет раздражать пользователей. С марта 2010 Windows 7 RC начнет автоматически перезагружать компьютер каждые два часа.

    Брэндон Леблан, Windows Communications Manager в Microsoft, заявил:

    двух часовая перегрузка начнется 1-ого марта 2010 года. Вы будете предупреждены, чтобы установить коммерческую версию Windows, и ваш компьютер будет перегружен автоматически каждые 2 часа. 1 июня 2010 года, если вы все еще на Windows 7 RC лицензии на Windows 7 RC истекает и отказ от подлинного опыта срабатывает где ваши обои удаляется, а “Эта копия Windows не является подлинной” будет отображаться в В правом нижнем углу выше задач.

    Это не новая тактика Microsoft, выполнение напоминает пользователям, что они нуждаются в обновлении и он сделал то же самое с Previews Vista. Windows 7 ожидается к выпуску в октябре этого года, но в самый последний выйдет к январю следующего года.

  • Apache 1.3 hijack

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    I want to appologize to first time visotors, yesterday when you find my website, it redirected to adult website. Someone reported me this issue, and I quickly checked all my files on the server, and didn’t find any sign which could bring this problem.

    I asked my hosting company about this and they confess this happen due to Apache 1.3 version, then they moved my website account to another server where installaed Apache 2.2
    This solved the issue.

    If any of you keep your website on old Apache version I highly recommend you to update.

    Vulnerability in Apache 1.3 allows hacker to involve in victims account without physical access to his files.

  • Web design through the eyes of the reader

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    Let’s look at web design through the eyes of the reader the immortal works of travel Gulliver. The fourth trip, where Gulliver goes to the country horses, which are subordinated to people, shows that the human person is able not only to the endless development, but also to the infinite degree. That laughter is turned to the Enlightenment, with its boundless faith in human rights in the possibility, in its comprehensive sense.

    Today, faith in humanity shaken, but appeal to it is still possible to use when a web site design. Satire is not just to travel. He is famous pamphlet, also based on an allegorical satire. In his famous book, The Tale barrels (the English idiom, which means farrago) he wrote about three brothers, the Duchess charam can be misguided, ambition mistress, the Countess of pride. The brothers are the names of Peter (the symbol of papacy, for the first Pope, the apostle Peter), Jack (Jean Calvin) and Martin (Martin Luther). In doing so, Swift ridiculed the negative features of the church, using the allegory. This is the same style, and other pamphlets. Generally, a pamphlet, acquired popularity in the Enlightenment, different socio-political orientation and the unprecedented severity of satire, often hides under the mask of allegory.

    Allegorichnost like color manner, can be used when a web site design. In the literature of other European countries allegorical satire is also gaining momentum. In France, the best-known satirist of the Enlightenment was Voltaire. His books were banned French censorship, for the fact that the allegory is easy to learn the characters of modern times, including quite influential. Published in 1762 poem virgin Orleans was immediately added to the list of banned books. Such actions, as well as web design usually have to produce themselves, but this small detail and not too serious. As I already gave you to understand in the beginning of the list of products – this is the frame of your web design.

    Therefore, I ask, and to focus its attention on its constitution, because to some extent it is to affect the constitution and the establishment of web design. It follows that special attention should be primarily in the production of a list of products: the main emphasis on the well-known brand classifiers. And just give your attention to that one list for the excellent work created by online stores will маловато.

    Pay special attention to items of information about creating web design, various assistance to navigate the site to potential buyers. Well, that’s like, all of the most important thing when creating a web design. Note that in our country do not yet have a certain degree, in which we can choose from the lists of finished products with the correct description, images, and structure. And this lack of web design. And now, at this writing should be appropriate content. Such work is called

  • English Language Courses in UK

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    I would like to recommend one college located in Portsmouth (106km from London) where you could take english language cources in UK for as low as 95GBP a week? Only in Spinnaker College!
    Their language cources are various:
    General english cources – it is just for those who just start learn english
    Business English Courses – to learn English for Business Communications
    and other cources you can find on their website.

    I’m not affiliated with them, simply I’ve been creating their site design, and while working I found out the cost of cources are cheap enoug. Some people who under tight budget might be interested in this college for themselves or their friends.

  • Today.az and Day.az Stopped and Closed

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    Since yesterday, ceased to exist the most popular azerbaijani news portal in the entire Caucasus day.az and its english version today.az

    At first there were informations in different media resources that site “stopped” due to technical problems, but today, “19.02.2009” on the main pages of both sites hanged alert saying “Project is closed. Contact editor@dayaz.com ”

    It is doubt that there might be financial motivation for the closure of sites as they have been very successful and profitable projects for their owners.

    At only one advertising day.az not bad earning, I am still not talking about other potential revenue such as the PR interviews, anounces for banks, companies, etc.

    There is reason to suspect that the political articles in the forum, which is to become aroused indignation of the authorities is difficult to predict. Most likely this is due to the upcoming referendum which is scheduled for March 18, , what the coincidence exactly one month before! And if you still remember that a political forum on day.az also was stopped exactly a month before the presidential elections in Azerbaijan, it creates a certain suspection that the cause of the closure of the site day.az are nothing else like the blocking of a resource which could affect the mass discontent of citizens (users portal) of Azerbaijan with a referendum held on changes article of law in the constitution to allow re elect the same person to president more than twice.

    Note that this is not the first time in Azerbaijan, where the authorities do a pressure on the media, thereby creating a shadow on the freedom of speech in the republic.

    Perhaps day.az returns as well as the ANS TV channel after a brief closure of its back.

    The strange fact is the founder of s day.az and today.az (english version day.az) is the deputy of Milli Majlis Anar Mamedhanov (formerly сapitan of team “Parni iz Baku”), is a friend of president. Also, for a variety of interviews, statements on the forums that you can accurately define A. Mamedhanov is government man, and his views are not inconsistent with the state.

    Here the logic of losing its meaning, as it is the most famous sites in Azerbaijan, which belong to the people elect, pet president at the wrong things is not like this now cease to exist?

    Versions of many may be one I already wrote above, another version – may be the fate of these projects was originally so planned in advance? In order to gain popularity, to collect a constant readers, at the same time obscure other azerbaijani news site, and then abruptly shut down like this here.

    Let ‘s discuss the subject in comment below, what was the reason of the closure of day.az and today.az

  • Закрыт самый популярный азербайджанский сайт Day.az

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    Со вчерашнего дня прекратил свое существование самый популярный азербайджанский новостной портал на всем кавказе day.az и его английская версия today.az

    Сначала в СМИ прошла инфа о том что сайт “остановился” из-за технических проблем, но сегодня “19.02.2009” на главных страницах обеих сайтов повешена информация о том что “Проект прекратил свое существование. Контактный адрес editor@dayaz.com”

    Сразу отпадают какие либо финансовые мотивы по закрытию сайтов так как они были весьма успешные и прибыльные проекты.

    На одной только рекламе day.az не плохо зарабатывал, я еще не говорю о других возможных доходов таких как ПР интервью, Анонсы банков, компаний и.т.д

    Остается подозревать что причины в политических статьях и в форуме, какая именно статья вызвало негодование у властей трудно предсказать. Скорее всего это связанно с референдумом который намечается на 18 Марта, какое совпадение, ровно через месяц! А если еще припомнить что политический форум на day.az был приостановлен тоже ровно месяц назад до президентских выборов в Азербайджане, то создается некое подозрение что причиной закрытие сайта day.az есть не что иное как блокирование ресурса в котором могло отразится массовое недовольство граждан(пользователей портала) Азербайджана с проводимым референдумом об изменение в конституции закона об избрание президента более двух раз.

    Отметим что это не первый случай в Азербайджане когда со стороны властей оказывалось давление на СМИ, этим самым ставя тень на свобода слова в республике.

    Возможно day.az вернется также как и телеканал ANS после краткого своего закрытие вернулся.

    Интересно то что учредителем сайтов day.az и today.az(англоязычная версия day.az) является депутат Милли Меджлиса господин Анар Мамедханов (бывший капитан команды “Парни из Баку” ) другом президента. Также по разным интервью, высказываний на форумах можно точно определить что А.Мамедханов по провительственный человек, и его взгляды не противоречат властям.

    Вот здесь логика теряет свой смысл, как это получается самые знаменитые сайты в Азербайджане которые принадлежат народному избраннику, любимчику президента не с того не сего вот так вот прекращают свою деятельность?

    Версий много может быть, одну я уже написал выше, другая версия – может судьба этих проектов изначально была так спланированна? Тоесть набрать популярность, собрать в себя постоянных читателей, одновременно затмить другие азербайджаснкие новостные сайты, а потом резко вот так вот закрыться.

    Давайте пообсуждаем эту тему в коментариях, какие же всетаки причины могли быть закрытие сайтов day.az и today.az

  • Vulnerability in old WordPress

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    Sometime ago I got an email notification from google with the following content:
    “Dear site owner or webmaster of …,
    While we were indexing your webpages, we detected that some of your pages were using techniques that are outside our quality guidelines, which can be found here: http://www.google.com/support/webmasters/bin/answer.py?answer=35769&hl=en. This appears to be because your site has been modified by a third party. Typically, the offending party gains access to an insecure directory that has open permissions. Many times, they will upload files or modify existing ones, which then show up as spam in our index.”

    I immediately checked html source of my blog, and couldn’t find any outgoing hidden links. Then I checked my page in google cache typing site:mysitename.com and found there a batch of spam links.

    Ha ha, tricky spammers could inject special code which display links only to google, when usual user with browser check the page those links not shown.

    Then I checked some other blogs of my customers and found the same. I promptly removed all files and updates wp on all sites.

    I found that almost all sites with old wordpress versions had this.
    So I highly recommend you to check your old version wp’s for this issue, or better immediately move to new version.

  • Mistery of the Skypefind Tab in Skype

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    I occasionally found a  tab "SkypeFind" on my Skype main window.
    This is an interesting kind of search with interesting features, for example, you can add it to services and in finding Your data goes + phone number.

    But the most interesting is that you can charge money for calls to your Skype account, ie when to call your number from another account withdraw money on the price you set.

    The people have become over there to provide consulting services on a fee skype, very comfortable the way



  • Script for Subscription to News

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    If you have news site, blog, or any other informative website, and need to add email subscription to news  you can use http://www.feedburner.com/ services. All you need is just create an account there, then enter your RSS feed url, then you will be given small html code to enter in your website page, which will display subscription box. This will allow your visitors to subscribe for news, the rest leave to feedburner, they will regullary send out emails to your users.


     – you don’t need to program special script for subscription
    –  you don’t need to have any special application for this.
    –  your server doesn’t use any traffic to send emails daily to hundreds or to thousands users…

    I was very happy when I found this service.



  • Market of the Internet advertising near to collapse

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    According to analysts Bloomberg, the world’s largest Internet sites, searching sites and media should be prepared for very hard times, as well as major advertisers that have traditionally employed a global network, now in a very difficult position, and most of them are not to advertise.

    In the British company Collins Stewat estimated that up to 2010, only a couple of Google-Yahoo will lose at least 6.7 billion dollars on reduced sales of advertising. Analysts say that traditional advertisers to the Internet – banks, automobile companies and sellers of technical solutions – is now faced with the problems of the financial order and everyone decides their own way – someone refuses to advertise at all, someone even went out of business, others are forced to unite together to resist.

    In Collins Stewart noted that since 2002 the bubble of Internet advertising heavily bloat, especially in the West, and now the financial crisis threatens to destroy it. Since 2002, the market for Internet advertising has grown annually by about 20%, now in the best online advertisers nedoschitayutsya those 20%, and at worst – will take in less, with the same 20%. Especially this trend will be visible on the western market, where many companies are public. Such a situation, and traders predict that actively from a once-profitable securities Google and Yahoo – just a paper last year lost half price. In Russia, much less than the market and totally opaque, but is declining does not pass. The largest advertisers and the sites are forced to cut staff, to seek new investors in their business and all kinds of ways to attract money to their accounts.

    "Growth has a negative trend, the weakness occurs as the market content, and banner advertising market, which was internationally", – said Collins Stewart analyst Sendip Aggarvai.
    According to preliminary estimates, the 2008 global market for online advertising is estimated at about 43.6 billion dollars. We should not wait for the boom and growth in 2009 and 2010, when the world economy will continue its transformation and consolidation, and the victims of this will be primarily commercial media, magazines, television and websites, which are firmly tied to advertising revenue and online sales.

    As Bloomberg noted that the current crisis was not only the largest but also the most rapidly – its scope is in terms of neighborhoods. Thus, even in the 3 quarter, ended September 30, Google can provide information on about 12% by growth in profits (1.32 billion dollars), but in the fourth, probably will report a significant reduction. Analysts estimate that sales of Internet giant will drop to 34-44%.