• Today.az and Day.az Stopped and Closed

    Posted on February 19th, 2009 Zaur 1 comment

    Since yesterday, ceased to exist the most popular azerbaijani news portal in the entire Caucasus day.az and its english version today.az

    At first there were informations in different media resources that site “stopped” due to technical problems, but today, “19.02.2009” on the main pages of both sites hanged alert saying “Project is closed. Contact editor@dayaz.com ”

    It is doubt that there might be financial motivation for the closure of sites as they have been very successful and profitable projects for their owners.

    At only one advertising day.az not bad earning, I am still not talking about other potential revenue such as the PR interviews, anounces for banks, companies, etc.

    There is reason to suspect that the political articles in the forum, which is to become aroused indignation of the authorities is difficult to predict. Most likely this is due to the upcoming referendum which is scheduled for March 18, , what the coincidence exactly one month before! And if you still remember that a political forum on day.az also was stopped exactly a month before the presidential elections in Azerbaijan, it creates a certain suspection that the cause of the closure of the site day.az are nothing else like the blocking of a resource which could affect the mass discontent of citizens (users portal) of Azerbaijan with a referendum held on changes article of law in the constitution to allow re elect the same person to president more than twice.

    Note that this is not the first time in Azerbaijan, where the authorities do a pressure on the media, thereby creating a shadow on the freedom of speech in the republic.

    Perhaps day.az returns as well as the ANS TV channel after a brief closure of its back.

    The strange fact is the founder of s day.az and today.az (english version day.az) is the deputy of Milli Majlis Anar Mamedhanov (formerly сapitan of team “Parni iz Baku”), is a friend of president. Also, for a variety of interviews, statements on the forums that you can accurately define A. Mamedhanov is government man, and his views are not inconsistent with the state.

    Here the logic of losing its meaning, as it is the most famous sites in Azerbaijan, which belong to the people elect, pet president at the wrong things is not like this now cease to exist?

    Versions of many may be one I already wrote above, another version – may be the fate of these projects was originally so planned in advance? In order to gain popularity, to collect a constant readers, at the same time obscure other azerbaijani news site, and then abruptly shut down like this here.

    Let ‘s discuss the subject in comment below, what was the reason of the closure of day.az and today.az


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    1. Just after I wrote this article, the alert info on today.az was changed and now it is saying

      “Site is temporarily unavailable.
      Today.Az will be back online on February 25th.”

      hm.. so are they closed, or temporary closed?
      I think they don’t know themselves yet..

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