• Apache 1.3 hijack

    Posted on June 12th, 2009 Zaur 1 comment

    I want to appologize to first time visotors, yesterday when you find my website, it redirected to adult website. Someone reported me this issue, and I quickly checked all my files on the server, and didn’t find any sign which could bring this problem.

    I asked my hosting company about this and they confess this happen due to Apache 1.3 version, then they moved my website account to another server where installaed Apache 2.2
    This solved the issue.

    If any of you keep your website on old Apache version I highly recommend you to update.

    Vulnerability in Apache 1.3 allows hacker to involve in victims account without physical access to his files.


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    1. That’s why often U must make pathces or add any blocking tools or rule to database & etc logon types.

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